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Complex regulatory regime may hinder 5G - Banglalink CEO

5g News - Published on Thu, 11 Apr 2019

Image Source: Independent BD
Mr Erik Aas, CEO of Banglalink, told The Daily Star in an interview that Bangladesh's current complex telecom regulatory regime, which has already prevented the sector from achieving its full potential, is not conducive for efficient functioning of 5G service. He said “There are so many telecom licences and regulations in Bangladesh that can't be found anywhere in the world. Regulations related to tariffs, penalties and so many other issues create complexity in the system. When the industry is trying to serve customers with a simple technology, the regulatory regime is still pushing us to use old-fashioned technology.”

He said “Like in many other countries, mobile operators in Bangladesh also want to offer free voice calls if users buy high volume of data. But the telecom regulator is not allowing that to happen. I think the complex regulatory regime has delayed the industry's development.”

Bangladesh government is aiming to roll out the latest generation of cellular mobile communications by 2021 and has already carried out test runs in July last year.”

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Posted By : TelecomGuru on Thu, 11 Apr 2019
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