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Telekom, Telefónica & Vodafone Launch Password-Free Secure Login

5g News - Published on Tue, 13 Aug 2019

Digital life is now even more secure for mobile phone customers in Germany. Deutsche Telekom, Telefónica Deutschland and Vodafone Deutschland launch Mobile Connect. The globally established mobile phone based login procedure enables simple and protected login to Inter-net services on PCs, tablets and mobile phones. All customers need to register is their smartphone and their mobile phone number. There is no need to enter a user name and password. And the personal mobile phone number becomes a unique digital identity for Internet purchases or registration on online portals. In future, Mobile Connect could also enable digital visits to government agencies.

The three German network operators Deutsche Telekom, Telefónica Deutschland and Vodafone Deutschland are fighting data thieves by offering Mobile Connect, a login procedure for online portals. It does not require an e-mail address or password and thus makes a decisive contribution to higher security when logging in.

With Verimi, the cross-industry identity platform founded in 2017, mobile communications providers have gained their first major partner for Mobile Connect in Germany. With immediate effect, Verimi will integrate Mobile Connect into its portfolio in order to offer customers the option of convenient registration via their mobile phone number. Verimi users can already authenticate themselves via login with their mobile phone number, once they have registered in the Verimi portal.

Until now, access to online services has generally been via username and password. This is cumbersome and entails risks. Many users use passwords that are easy to guess, such as their first name, "qwertz" or "123456", and change them far too rarely. This makes access data an easy and preferred target for hackers.

Mobile Connect does not use passwords for login. Identification of the customer works via cellphone. After entering the mobile phone number in the Internet portal, an SMS is sent to the customer's mobile phone. Using the link integrated in the text message, the customer confirms receipt on his smartphone. This allows the network operator to transmit a "pseudonymised customer reference number" to the portal operator in encrypted form. In this way, the operator can assign the customer a number again and again and also grants access to the online shop without a password.

If an operator must initially stick to password-based login, the new solution can still significantly improve security via mobile communications: Mobile Connect can be used as a "second factor" (2FA) in addition to the password. Experts been calling for two factors to be taken into account when logging in for some time.

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Posted By : TelecomGuru on Tue, 13 Aug 2019
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