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TIM and Municipality of Turin Present 5G Edge Cloud Network

5g News - Published on Wed, 13 Nov 2019

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TIM and the Municipality of Turin have strengthened their collaboration in technological innovation and set a new record, turning on Europe’s first 5G Edge Cloud live network with connected drones. By enabling the integrated processing of Big Data collected by IoT platforms and analysed by Artificial Intelligence systems, 5G Edge Cloud is the keystone for the advancement and dissemination of the digital services for the Smart City: public safety and self-driving cars, environmental monitoring and Industry 4.0. The 5G Edge Cloud network guarantees very high bandwidth and low latency and allows an exceptionally large amount of data to be aggregated and processed, providing for safe digital services of an extremely high quality that respect customer privacy, as well as allowing greater agility and flexibility in the configuration of services and applications, under the typical Cloud logic.

To highlight some of the ways TIM’s new 5G Edge Cloud network can be used, network connected drones for environmental and infrastructure monitoring were showed

both the drone and the control system are connected to the 5G Edge Cloud at a very low latency and use a secure radio channel, therefore preventing possible interference with the drone. This means drones can be flown safely even in densely populated areas (city parks, industrial areas etc.);

because the new network has an ample data collection capacity and concentrates processing in the part of the network closest to the terminals (i.e. close to the customer), it is possible to simultaneously watch a 4K live video on numerous 5G terminals.

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Posted By : TelecomGuru on Wed, 13 Nov 2019
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