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Turkcell and Huawei 800G Trial on the Live Carrier Network

5g News - Published on Tue, 03 Mar 2020

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Turkcell announced that it has completed the World’s leading 800G WDM trial with Huawei out of China on a live Mobile Carrier network. This gives Turkcell a competitive edge in high speed transmission while also driving the evolution of this technology in 5G era. Turkcell has cooperated with Huawei to innovate ultra-high-speed transmission technologies and as a result successfully implemented 800G high-speed transmission between two data centers in Istanbul. This trial leverages Huawei's latest ultra-high-speed service processing boards which supports the programmable and flexible adjustment of multiple modulation formats ranging from 200G to 800G. By using the industry’s unique second-generational channel-matched shaping technology, the latest Faster than Nyquist algorithm system and AI neuron function module, the system can monitor complex link environments on live networks in real time to quickly and automatically learn and optimize network transmission performance. This ensures optimal spectral efficiency and transmission performance while achieving the single-fiber capacity of 48 Tbit/s. The trial also confirmed the 400G ultra-long-haul transmission capacity of the live network, which can implement 1040 km of unregenerated transmission from Istanbul to Ankara.

Turkcell is Turkey's integrated telecom operator, providing high-quality fixed and mobile communication services for more than 35.7 million subscribers in Turkey. Turkcell's network traffic has been increasing by 35% year on year, and with the emergence of 5G, cloud computing, and Big Data, service traffic will triple in the next five years. In order to be ready for 5G, the construction of fiber infrastructures and evolution of equipment and technology must make strides to cope with the challenges of digital floods.

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Posted By : TelecomGuru on Tue, 03 Mar 2020
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