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ZTE and China Telecom Test 5G in Shanghai Airport Meglev Train

5g News - Published on Mon, 02 Dec 2019

Image Source: 5G Maglev
ZTE Corporation announced that ZTE and China Telecom have jointly launched the world's first commercial 5G magnetic levitation high-speed network test in Shanghai in China. The test measured communications within a train travelling at a maximum speed of 500KM/h. During the test, the 5G commercial terminal was stable and easy to support various high performance mobile broadband services, demonstrating that the 5G network can provide high-speed maglev trains with ideal broadband communications. The 5G network solution used for the Shanghai Maglev line can provide a complete set of network equipment for High Speed Rail broadband communication. The radio units can support global mainstream 5G bands like N41 and N78. The top speed of Shanghai Maglev train is the highest among commercial trains in the world, which implies that this 5G network solution can be applied to various high-speed railways and maglev lines worldwide and has great market potential.

Due to special scenario restrictions, providing high-quality network coverage for high-speed trains has always been a challenge for both operators and equipment vendors. When a 5G network is deployed in a higher frequency than 2G, 3G and4G networks, the situation will be even less ideal. To solve these problems, ZTE and China Telecom have made breakthroughs in multiple aspects by constantly challenging the technical limits through technological discussions and tests. With proprietary doppler frequency shift channel compensation technology, wireless channel deterioration caused by high-speed movement is eliminated.

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Posted By : TelecomGuru on Mon, 02 Dec 2019
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