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ZTE Deploy Telecommunications Networks in Dabie Mountain Medical Center

5g News - Published on Wed, 29 Jan 2020

Image Source: Coronavirus Dabie Mountain Medical Center
ZTE Corporation announced that it has assisted China Mobile, China Telecom, China Unicom and China Tower deploy telecommunications networks, including 5G networks, in Dabie Mountain Medical Center in Huanggang, to cope with the outbreak of new coronavirus pneumonia in Wuhan. On January 25, ZTE's technical personnel performed on-site investigation and developed a solution. On January 26, ZTE retrieved devices from operator warehouses and local ZTE warehouse. Some devices were in short supply and sent from ZTE headquarters in Shenzhen. ZTE actively coordinated with the local government to apply for a pass for goods transfer from Wuhan. All the devices arrived at the operators’ offices in Huanggang before 24: 00 on January 26. The devices were commissioned on January 27 and put into use together with the hospital.

ZTE assisted operators in commissioning wireless macro-station equipment, wireless indoor coverage equipment, and IPTV networks, and achieved good cell phone signal coverage and TV signal transmission in the building, thereby fully meeting the requirements of medical staff for communication, video transmission, and radio and TV broadcasting.

The Huanggang Municipal Government of Hubei Province has decided to transform the unfinished Dabie Mountain Medical Center into a hospital and set up more than 1,000 beds to treat fever patients in a centralized manner. The hospital will be built within 48 hours and put into use on January 27.

Huanggang City is adjacent to Wuhan, but its medical conditions and resources are far inferior to that of Wuhan. The epidemic control situation in Huanggang is very serious. Moreover, the medical center is in a remote location. To ensure smooth information transmission, the telecommunication networks need to be built immediately.

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Posted By : TelecomGuru on Wed, 29 Jan 2020
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