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About Us is being launched by Major & Minor which is running, very popular English based steel portal globally for last 12 years. Like SteelGuru, TelecomGuru is an attempt to create a distinctive place to help individuals and companies in the business of steel and allied materials to do better by utilizing information.

We, at TelecomGuru, firmly believe that after the age of IT in the earlier years of last decade, now the age of information has come. We also strongly believe in free dissemination of information, unless it is specific in nature. Thus our content services remain free

Anyone, using internet, can find out what is happening all over the globe from hundreds of sources, but is it worth the effort? That's why TelecomGuru team aggregates content from various news wire services, press releases from companies, partner news service portals and own correspondents, modifies to make them easier to read and than publishes 10-15 articles on the website