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Q2 Grows IoT Offering with LTE-M Rollout for Business

Oss/bss News - Published on Thu, 13 Feb 2020

Image Source: O2 IoT
O2 has unveiled its plans to grow its IoT offering by becoming the first network to announce the introduction of an LTE-M network in the UK. The new O2 LTE-M network will help unlock widespread uptake of long-life IoT battery devices out in the field, with 50 UK cell sites already live and national rollout planned to complete this year. A low-power, wide-area network (or LPWAN), the new LTE-M network from O2 is designed to help encourage massive scale for future IoT deployment in the UK. It will enable businesses to support millions of connected devices, driving increased operational efficiencies and insights. It also provides higher throughput, with wide coverage for urban and rural areas, and lower latency. What’s more, because it allows businesses to share small amounts of data between assets at a low power consumption, it saves on battery life (with devices running for up to 10 years with no need to charge). All these benefits can also help bring down IoT device costs for business customers connecting to the network.

Potential LTE-M use cases for UK businesses:

Parking sensors -To monitor and report parking space availability

Traffic lights - Sending updates between traffic lights (including real-time traffic monitoring)

Waste management - Status monitoring for waste containers to help optimise waste collection

Smart buildings Smoke detectors - Auto-testing, battery checks, real-time alerts

Healthcare Assisted living - Temperature sensors and alerts

Industrial Tank process and safety monitoring -For applications such as petrochemical and waste storage, hazardous fluids, high radio frequency interference environments

Agricultural Tracking and monitoring - For soil, temperature and weather conditions

Retail Logistics - For asset tracking (e.g. pallets, goods) and real-time visibility of the wide area (trucks) and indoor wide area (warehouses)

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Posted By : TelecomGuru on Thu, 13 Feb 2020
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