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China Telecom Sichuan and Huawei Build a 3D-Mesh Backbone Network with OXC

Infrastructure News - Published on Tue, 03 Mar 2020

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China Telecom Sichuan announced that they have built a mesh backbone network with Huawei, using Huawei's latest all-optical switching OXC product to reconstruct the provincial backbone optical transmission network, explore the potential of live network resources, expand network capabilities, and improve O&M efficiency to cope with the mid- and long-term challenges brought by digital transformation and new service development in the era of cloud interconnection.

To consistently provide high-quality network services for customers and stay up to date with advanced network technologies, China Telecom Sichuan adheres to continuous investment in network construction and steady improvement of network capabilities. China Telecom Sichuan faces a series of problems during network construction: Network traffic is uneven. Take Chengdu as an example. The traffic on transmission nodes exceeds 75% in hotspot areas, whereas the traffic on other nodes is less than 30%. Equipment room resources are insufficient; space and power supply are insufficient in provincial backbone core equipment rooms; new optical transport planes consume a large number of resources and the construction takes a long time. In addition, the traditional ROADM solution takes up a large amount of equipment room space and uses complex inter-board fiber connections, complicating maintenance.

To meet the requirements of fast network construction, improve network robustness, and reduce TCO, this project uses Huawei's OptiXtrans solution to enable full-mesh services and one-hop transmission, greatly reducing network latency. The project introduces the OXC technology to 12 core nodes of the provincial backbone system, including Chengdu Xinhua,

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Posted By : TelecomGuru on Tue, 03 Mar 2020
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