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DOCOMO and NEXSYS-ONE Develop Disaster Recovery Solution

Infrastructure News - Published on Mon, 02 Dec 2019

Image Source: Disaster Recovery
NTT DOCOMO Inc announced that it has developed a disaster-recovery solution for global telecommunications companies in collaboration with NEXSYS-ONE, a leading global telecom software-as-a-service firm headquartered in Dubai. The solution is now being put to test by mobile operator DOCOMO PACIFIC, a wholly owned DOCOMO subsidiary in Guam, between November 26 and the end of next March. The trial is aimed at confirming the solution's performance in three key areas
- Digitization of project and workforce management for fast, accurate and systematic management of all network repair work,
- Real-time Geo location of disaster-affected network elements and services
- Confirmation of all company employees' safety, including Geo location and status feedback

In view of the Marianas' history of infrastructure damage due to high winds and flooding during typhoons, DOCOMO PACIFIC has been actively strengthening the disaster resistance of its communications networks to ensure continuous network service. Measures have included increasing the power and air-conditioning capabilities of network-monitoring centers and burying optical fiber cables underground. Based on the results of the ongoing trial, including feedback on the solution's usability and effectiveness, DOCOMO plans to make necessary improvements and then introduce a commercial solution for global operators in fiscal 2020.

Overseas telecommunications carriers are expected to use the new solution to make their communications networks more disaster-resilient. The operational management platform developed by NEXSYS-ONE incorporates DOCOMO's expertise in preparing for disasters, confirming employee safety, grasping disaster situations and responding to disasters in real time.

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Posted By : TelecomGuru on Mon, 02 Dec 2019
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