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Nokia Adds New Products And Features To Whole-Home WiFi Portfolio

Infrastructure News - Published on Thu, 11 Jul 2019

Image Source: Globe Newswire
Nokia announced it is adding a new beacon and several new features to its whole-home WiFi portfolio. The new Beacon 1 complements Nokia’s premium Beacon 3 solution, while new Intelligent Channel Selection, pre-pairing and bridging features help to simplify network setup and enhance the overall WiFi experience.

Despite more than 9 billion WiFi-enabled devices in use1, many homes suffer from poor WiFi. This can be attributed to the number of connected devices on the WiFi network, the amount of high bandwidth activities such as video streaming taking place, or interference sources such as a neighbor’s WiFi or appliances like microwaves and Bluetooth devices. In addition, coverage is often inadequate due to dead zones that can occur from indoor walls. Solving these issues can be difficult, often requiring several Wi-Fi extenders or repeaters that can degrade WiFi performance and cause frustration.

Nokia’s whole-home WiFi solution is designed to overcome these challenges and improve the user experience while significantly reducing the time and complexity required to install and manage WiFi. Nokia is expanding its portfolio of WiFi products with the introduction of the Beacon 1. The Beacon 1 is an entry-level, whole-home mesh WiFi system for consumers looking for the best performance at the best price. Like Nokia’s premium Beacon 3 solution, the Beacon 1 includes Intelligent Channel Selection which automatically identifies the best possible WiFi channel for each device to ensure an uninterrupted WiFi experience. It also includes Nokia’s industry leading mesh capabilities to create a WiFi network with zero dead spots.

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Posted By : TelecomGuru on Thu, 11 Jul 2019
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