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Open Fiber ZION Backbone Passes 600 Gbps Test

Infrastructure News - Published on Tue, 24 Dec 2019

Image Source: Open Fiber ZION
Open Fiber's ZION backbone has successfully passed the 600 Gigabit per second test. The new result achieved on its national transport backbone for a long distance optical connection is added to that recorded last year on 400Gbps and even earlier on 200Gbps. This is the first transmission link on a national backbone network made in Italy at 600 Gbps, on a single optical carrier on an active infrastructure with the highest spectral efficiency (bits carried per band unit) ever achieved.

Thanks to this result, the fiber optic infrastructure of Open Fiber is the most advanced and capable of supporting the development of the new digital services of the Gigabit Society and 5G, therefore the 4K / 8K high resolution video, cloud gaming, augmented and virtual reality, intelligent transport, advanced healthcare, citizens' security, digitalisation of the PA, e-learning and smart working.

Zion is, in fact, the only national backbone capable of carrying data without regeneration of optical signals, with a capacity of 100Gbps over distances up to 2,500 kilometers, 200 Gbps up to 1,500 kilometers, 400Gbps up to 900 kilometers, 600Gbps up to 60 kilometres.

These high performances are obtained thanks to the introduction by Huawei of a new digital optical signal processor (oDSP) which uses advanced AI algorithms in its chipset for the coding and modulation of the optical signal.

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Posted By : TelecomGuru on Tue, 24 Dec 2019
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