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Samsung expands SAIT AI Lab Montreal to Spur AI Research

Infrastructure News - Published on Thu, 02 May 2019

Image Source: Samsung
Samsung Electronics today announced the expansion of the ‘Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology artificial intelligence (AI) Lab Montreal’ in Canada. The Lab will help the company strengthen its fundamentals in AI research and drive competitiveness in system semiconductors. The AI Lab is located in Mila, Montreal Institute for Learning Algorithms, in Montreal, Canada. Founded by Professor Yoshua Bengio at the University of Montreal, Mila is one of the greatest research centers in the field of deep learning and has a partnership with the University of Montreal and McGill University. SAIT AI Lab Montreal has an open workspace with the aim of working closely with the AI research communities in Mila.

SAIT AI Lab Montreal will focus on unsupervised learning and Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) research to develop disruptive innovation and breakthrough technologies, including new deep learning algorithms and next generation of on-device AI.

To drive the effort, this AI Lab has actively recruited leaders in deep learning research, including Simon Lacoste-Julien, Professor at the University of Montreal, who recently joined as the leader of the lab. In addition, Samsung is planning to dispatch R&D personnel in its Device Solutions Business to Montreal over time and utilize AI Labs as a base for training AI researchers and collaborating with other advanced AI research institutes.

On the other side, SAIT AI Lab Montreal continues to build a strong relationship with Yoshua Bengio, one of the world’s greatest experts on deep learning, machine learning, and AI. SAIT and Professor Bengio collaborated on deep learning algorithm research since 2014, successfully publishing three papers on academic journals.

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Posted By : TelecomGuru on Thu, 02 May 2019
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