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ZTE and Zhejiang Branch of China Mobile test BRAS integrated with CDN

Infrastructure News - Published on Mon, 14 Oct 2019

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ZTE Corporation announced that ZTE and Zhejiang Branch of China Mobile have completed the test of the BRAS integrated with CDN, with all functions and performance indicators meeting commercial requirements. The BRAS integrated with CDN is an innovative CDN down-shifting solution, which can help operators save their investment. Meanwhile, it enables users to truly experience the ultra-high-definition, VR and other large-traffic new services. Based on this solution, Zhejiang Branch of China Mobile has cut over the first group of residential broadband user services, bringing high-quality video experience to users. Meanwhile, the commercial capability of ZTE’s BRAS integrated with CDN has been verified by the practice.

ZTE’s BRAS innovatively integrates CDN server and other related hardware onto a high-performance CDN board, which can provide a variety of SSD hard disk sub-cards for flexible selection. It can be deployed directly on the existing BRAS devices without external servers, switches or additional power supply.

The CDN down-shifting solution helps the operator save the BRAS uplink bandwidth, and reduces the backbone network pressure. Moreover, it shortens the device installation time, saves the space of the equipment room, and meets the requirements of low-cost rapid deployment. In addition, the video download buffer time is reduced and the users’ video experience is greatly improved. The solution brings new ideas to the construction of the edge CDN, and lays a solid foundation for the down-shifting of high-definition video in the future, hence the technical preparation for edge computing applications.

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Posted By : TelecomGuru on Mon, 14 Oct 2019
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