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ZTE unveils new DCI-Oriented Interactive 600G OTN Product

Infrastructure News - Published on Wed, 22 May 2019

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons
ZTE Corporation has launched the ZXONE 7000 C2C, a cassette Data Center Interconnection Optical Transport Network device with the industry’s largest single-fiber transport capacity, at NGON&DCI World 2019 held in Nice, France. Featuring a large capacity of 600G and a small size of 2U, the ZXONE 7000 C2C employs an open system architecture based on OpenConfig/NETCONF, hence its capability of building open DCI networks.

Backed up with the industry’s highest single-fiber transport capacity of up to 80*600Gbit/s, ZTE’s ZXONE 7000 C2C can effectively relieve the bandwidth pressure of DCI. Moreover, the Software Defined Optics technology is used to enable the single-carrier rate to be continuously tunable, ranging from 100Gbit/s to 600Gbit/s. Therefore, the ZXONE 7000 C2C can complete capacity adjustment rapidly in accordance to network traffic changes, and reach the optimal balance between transmission distance and system capacity.

Furthermore, the ZXONE 7000 C2C employs an open system architecture based on OpenConfig/NETCONF to decouple the optical network service system from the optical line system, thereby helping customers build open networks.

The ZXONE 7000 C2C also has rich northbound management and control interfaces, which facilitate the integration with the Operation Support System to implement fast network deployment.

In addition, with the electronic panel built on the device, the users can get the device information quickly and reduce mis-operations in daily O&M, which effectively improves user experiences.

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Posted By : TelecomGuru on Wed, 22 May 2019
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